• Address

    Estevan Renewable Energy Park

    NE of Kensington Ave and King St,


The Project

Low Carbon Eco2 Energy is proposing a new straw residue and waste wood fuelled biomass facility, to be known as Estevan Renewable Energy Park (or the ‘biomass facility’, situated in the City of Estevan. The project will generate 45 megawatts (MW) of baseload renewable electricity, as well as green heat. The project could be expected to save 58,500 tonnes of CO2eq – resulting in a >98% emissions avoidance when compared to the reported 2020 Saskatchewan energy mix.

Current federal regulations require all coal-fired power stations to be closed by 2030. The project will help to ensure energy security for the province, contribute to the decarbonisation of the electricity grid, and also bring significant investment and new jobs to the province.

The proposed project is expected to provide both construction and long-term economic opportunities to the local area, including employment and training, local feedstock procurement, contracting and educational partnerships. The feedstock used provides an additional revenue stream to farmers and existing industries because it does not compete for land use or food production.

The Estevan Renewable Energy Park will be located on a 25-acre site northeast of the intersection of Kensington Ave and King St in the City of Estevan.

A computer rendering of the potential biomass facility